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Every development project brings its own challenges and pressures, and a successful development project requires the support of every supplier and associate, including the financial partner of the project.

At Stornoway Capital Partners, we understand that development projects require appropriate financial structuring from the outset. We use our expertise to help clients overcome pre-sales obstacles, to help with the structuring of capital, and to optimise borrowing potential. When it comes to securing funds, our team will work with you to prepare a financial proposal to match the exact funding needs of your project.  Our extensive experience in development finance and capital raising means that we provide the best possible funding outcome for your project.

Regardless of the nature of your funding needs, Stornoway can provide you a wide range of structured lending solutions and finance for your development project.

development finance

Construction Finance: Stornoway Capital Partners has proven expertise in quickly securing financing solutions for all types of construction projects and utilising alternative funding sources.  Our flexible and fast funding options help you jump the bank queue and build the foundation of a commercially viable construction project.

Commercial Property Finance: Commercial property investors are often faced with funding challenges that restrict them from achieving maximum value out of their projects. We address their individual funding needs by delivering the most flexible, innovative, and competitive financing solutions.

Development Site Acquisition Finance: We assist businesses looking to start new projects or expand their existing projects by arranging financing solutions for the development site acquisition. Our development site acquisition solutions provide an effective financing structure which allows the borrower time to source construction funding.

Mezzanine Finance: Mezzanine finance provides property developers a way to increase their borrowing potential beyond the LVR limits traditionally provided by senior financiers. Secured by a 2nd mortgage, mezzanine funding bridges the gap between developer equity and the senior funding available.

Preferred Equity: Stornoway offers preferred equity financing to borrowers that prefer more flexibility. This funding alternative is generally provided without taking any security or registered mortgage over the over the land owning entity or the land.

Stretch Senior Construction Finance: Stretched senior development finance from Stornoway is a trusted alternative for many experienced property developers because we provide a significantly higher LVR ratio compared to traditional senior debt. This financing alternative helps developers distribute their equity over a larger number of projects because each project requires considerably less equity.

Bridge Loans: We provide gap loans or bridge loans designed to function as a temporary source of funding until a permanent arrangement can be made. These loans can be used for any worthwhile commercial purpose, and are secured against real property.

Debt Capital Structuring and Advisory: Our debt capital structuring team provides integrated funding advice to our clients, related to their acquisition, restructuring, refinancing, and other major projects.

Corporate Financing: With strong relationships with the investors and issuers, we help our clients connect with the right investors efficiently and effectively.  Our distribution capability covers both retail and institutional investors.

Restructuring: Complexities related to the financial arrangements can often restrict the growth of your development project. We can help you get back on track by implementing restructuring strategies that will free your project form the impact of inappropriate debt structures.

Asset-based Lending Facilities: Our asset-based lines of lending provide a higher degree of flexibility and availability compared to the traditional cash flow credit options. This facility has been utilised by many of our clients to meet the operational goals of their project.

No matter what your exact development financing requirement is, contact our experts today to find out your best option.