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Stornoway Capital Partners has proven expertise in quickly sourcing funds for all types of construction projects utilising both traditional and alternative funding sources. The process to obtain our construction finance is more flexible with respect to assessment criteria, particularly with respect to required pre-sales.

Development and construction finance is an extremely complex field that requires specialised knowledge of not only the funding markets, but also the construction industry and commercial development. At Stornoway Capital Partners we have an in-depth understanding of the industry and a robust network of partners to deliver financing that will certainly benefit the bottom line of your project.

A typical construction financing project at Stornoway comprises of the following steps.

  • Thorough analysis of of your project from the stage of conception through completion.
  • Leveraging our partnership with reputable non-bank lenders and investors to explore finance options and interest rates that will help maximise the project’s return on equity.
  • Negotiation and arrangement of a suitable funding structure.

Why Choose Stornoway?

  • Access to an additional extensive network of domestic and international investment funds, family offices, and institutional capital managers.
  • Tailor-made finance solutions rather than cookie-cutter project loans.
  • Comprehensive construction financing considering all project related requirements.
  • Fast and secure financing with liberal qualification parameters.
  • Market’s most competitive rates and pricing.

If you have any questions regarding the financing options for your construction project, please call us and book an appointment.