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Capital Partners

is a specialist private capital arrangement firm. We invest in and arrange debt and equity opportunities across the property risk spectrum in Australia.

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Specialists in Corporate Finance &  Commercial Finance

Welcome to Stornoway Capital Partners, a capital arrangement firm specialising in delivering hassle-free and effective commercial debt and equity solutions across the Australian property risk spectrum.

As a team of non-bank debt arrangement and investment management specialists, we provide a wide array of non-bank capital partnership and facilitation services by sourcing and structuring debt solutions that utilise our extensive domestic and international network of investment funds, family offices, and institutional capital partners.

We work with property developers, commercial property investors and mortgage brokers to help them overcome the limitations inherent within the increasingly problematic traditional bank funding channel.  The non-bank financing solutions structured by Stornoway Capital Partners have assisted many clients achieve their funding objectives.

Our non-bank debt arrangement solutions include

Our Services

Development Finance

commercial property finance

With a thorough knowledge of property development finance, we have successfully structured finance facilities that are tailored to deliver the specific project needs of our clients.  Our extensive network of capital partners provides numerous funding options to our clients, including mezzanine finance, preferred equity, bridge loans, stretch senior construction finance, refinance, and much more.

Construction Finance

construction finance stornoway cp

As the major Australian banks continue to tighten their credit parameters, Stornoway Capital makes it possible for you to quickly obtain construction finance from alternative sources of funding. Our well structured funding solutions are flexible and provide favorable commercial outcomes for our clients and their projects. We can assist with all aspects of construction funding from initial planning, through capital raising, drawn down, ongoing management, and exit.

Commercial Property Finance

development finance stornoway cp

At Stornoway Capital Partners, we are well equipped to meet all the financing needs for all types of commercial property projects. We understand how each commercial venture is unique and can be affected by different variables. This is where our extensive structuring experience can help you secure the most appropriate financing solution.

Why you should choose

  • Exceptional business ethics, professionalism, and transparency
  • Long track record of successfully serving across institutional markets/banks/fund managers
  • Exclusive capital partnership in real estate debt with Fortius Funds Management, a trusted brand serving the market with an excellent track record for over twenty five years.
  • Customised funding strategies for each project
  • Multiple options with attractive terms and competitive interest rates