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Stornoway Capital Partners is an independent debt advisory firm specialising in commercial non-bank capital raising and arrangement. We source and structure a wide range of debt solutions through an extensive domestic and international network of investment funds, family offices, and institutional capital managers. With robust proprietary global networks, we have access to over 250 sources of capital across a wide spectrum of geographies.

Following the structural tightening of the credit conditions in Australia, Stornoway Capital Partners was founded with a firm belief that the non-bank sector will continue to expand and provide funding alternatives to the major banks. Our team consists of industry experts with strong track records in the areas of structuring lending solutions for numerous property developers and commercial investors.

We also have strong relationships with many mortgage brokers and advisors, where we are entrusted to provide non bank funding solutions for their clients.

Stornoway is proud to be the exclusive partner of Fortius Funds Management with respect to real estate debt. Fortius has managed Australian real estate assets for institutional and retail investors since 1991. In its 25 year history, Fortius has invested in and completed over 70 projects worth over A$3.7b. Fortius currently has over A$1.13 Billion in assets under management and is actively seeking real estate debt opportunities.

About Our Founder:

Stornoway Capital Partners was founded in 2015 by Andrew Watson, a banking and finance industry veteran with over twenty years of experience in global investment banks and asset managers. Prior to founding Stornoway, Mr. Watson has held key positions within ABN Amro’s investment bank and RBS in Sydney, as well as senior roles in London with Deutsche Bank, Schroders Investment Management, and Cheyne Capital Management.